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We have been reviewing our rates again, and you will find these are now even more competitive for many event types.

Some people ask us why we don't have a table of rates on our web site like some other companies in our market. If getting the right insurance was simply a matter of ticking a box against a price, then that would be understandable. However, you will find that companies who simply discount on price frequently discount the quality of the cover too.

Remember that it is not just the price, and not just the headings of cover which matter . As with any insurance, the devil is in the detail, so cheap policies or those which are obviously priced just to compete on price are to be treated with caution.  Remarkably, even some expensive policies are badly worded too!

Because we are experienced insurance  professionals, we can spot the flaws in other policies, and as brokers, we will be pleased to explain what that means - rather than being reassured that "whatever happens, it's covered"  it often means that there are lots of circumstances where you would not be covered, but you might not find out until it is too late. 

Our web site is the only true full cycle multi currency site for quality event insurance - we literally lead the World on this. So we are happy to be compared with any other provider when it really matters - i.e. are you getting good cover at a competitive price, and do you get the service you deserve?

That's what peace of mind and value for money is really about.